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Originally Posted by Tubeguy View Post
More of a technical question for someone who understands programming.
I use Lexicon MX300 for my reverbs. It's not super high end machine but good enough. But none of my VSTs or any other I've tried come even close to it.
What bugs me is VST is digital and hardware reverbs are also digital where the chip is programmed in same way as VST is (I think). So why can't VST sound as good?
I understand the limitation of VST compressors for example vs. analog compressors but when it comes to digital I think they should perform the same. Any ideas?
I have the MX300. And I mean this sincerely. The Lexicon PCM Native and Exponential Audio reverbs blow it so far out of the water it's beyond hilarious.

Maybe your reverb VSTs cannot compete but just saying Plenty of software options exist better than the MX300.
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