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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Thanks for the suggestion

Unfortunately, in an FX chain window, the parameters only load to the surface when the FX name is clicked on and the FX GUI appears.

It doesn't work when you step through the entries/slots using the SWS commands, hence the request for a slightly different Navigator, if it's possible.

At the moment, I use:

SWS/S&M: Float next FX (and close others) for selected tracks
SWS/S&M: Float previous FX (and close others) for selected tracks
This moves up and down the FX slots, opening an FX GUI and closing the previous one. When the GUI opens, the parameters load to the surface.

It works fine but the only reason I'm opening the FX GUI is to force the parameters to load. As GUIs take time to draw, it might be quicker without them.

Ah, I see. I use the actions Track: Open/close UI for FX #1 on last touched track for the first six slots.

Of course all my midi stuff works on selected tracks, not an open GUI :\ .
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