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Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post
- first press, it sends 7f, the track mutes
- second press, it sends 00, nothing changes
- third press, it sends 7f again, the track unmutes
IMHO it's not a good idea to set the device to such toggle mode. This is very likely confusing to CSI and not supported by CSI.

I would set it to "straight" mode (7f on press, 0 on release (alternative (d) in your other message, if this is the options to configure the firmware of the device) and let CSI do the toggling. The appropriate Button light handling should be managed by CSI. (In fact pressing [M] in the Reaper GUI also needs to toggle the mode, as well !) This did work with the first tests with my "Compact" (in "native" mode).


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