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Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post
- Am I just confusing myself because the underlying hardware behaves this way, so regardless of how I define it in my MST, that's what I get?
Having had more time to think about it, this is the key. I fell into the trap of forgetting that I have to match what the hardware is doing. It's going to send what it sends, regardless. All I'm doing is deciding what I'm going to respond to.

So, in the case of this button, it's like a toggle, press on and then press off. I can decide to respond to that in a few ways:

a) A Press definition with the ON message
b) Two Press definitions, one with ON and one with OFF
c) One Press definition with both messages
d) A PressRelease definition with both messages.

a) and b) make sense to me, but not clear how c) and d) deal with the physical button sending the OFF message. d) seems to run the same action as it does when it receives an ON message. c) doesn't seem to do anything on OFF.
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