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Default TrackBank behaviour

Another question I have is around TrackBank behaviour.

I see I can supply a numeric parameter, indicating the number of tracks to bank by.

That's fine, but the behaviour I'm seeing is that if I currently have tracks 5 to 12 in the current bank, and then invoke TrackBank -8, I end up with Tracks 1 - 5 in the current bank, on my rightmost 5 faders. It's like faders 1 - 3 are displaying tracks -2, -1 and 0.

two unexpected things here:
- I expected it to hit the boundary of Track 1 and stop, so I'd end up with tracks 1-8 in the current bank.
- even if it didn't do that, I'd expect tracks 1-4, not 1-5. ie. it seems to be off by one

Same happens at the other end. If I have 12 tracks total and 4 - 11 in the current bank, invoking TrackBank 8 I end up with only track 12 in the current bank.

Note in this case, it's not off by one. However, I'd still expect it to stop at the boundary and have tracks 5-12 in the current bank.

Is there another way of doing this that I've missed?
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