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Default Clarification on Buttons: Press vs PressRelease

Hi all,

I've just discovered this plugin and thread late last week, and after reading through all the posts I've started experimenting. I've got it installed and mostly working with my BCF2000 (figured I'd start with that before tackling the other controllers). I used MixMonkey's MST file as a starting point, although many of my MIDI messages were different and several of the control definitions changed.

Firstly, awesome work Geoff and everyone else who've been testing, chipping in opinions, etc. This will hopefully take me from adapting to the limitations of my controllers to having them adapt to me.

To the real point of my post, I'm kinda fine tuning the BCF2000 mapping now and want to clarify my understanding of buttons. I'm leaving aside the FB variants, as I get that part I think.

So here goes. Press and PressRelease can both be defined with two messages. However, based on an earlier message in the thread, I thought it worked like this:

- Press when, err, pressed, will send the first message. When pressed again, it will send the second message (if there's one defined).
- PressRelease when pressed will send the first message, then when you release it, it will send the second message.

However, what I'm seeing (details below) is that PressRelease behaves the same as Press. Press it once, first message sent. Press it again, second message sent.

Is this correct?

Assuming so, here's my issue. When I look in the monitor for the upper track buttons on the BCF, pressing once sends b0 41 7f and pressing a second time sends b0 41 00, so I defined it like so:

UpperButton1 PressFB b0 41 7f b0 41 00

When I map it to the mute Action:

UpperButton1 TrackMute

It kinda works. What I actually see is that:

- first press, it sends 7f, the track mutes
- second press, it sends 00, nothing changes
- third press, it sends 7f again, the track unmutes

Obviously, I expected it to unmute on 00 (the second press)

So, I changed it to PressReleaseFB, and it works:

- first press, it send 7f, the track mutes
- second press, it sends 00, the track unmutes.

Some queries:

- Should I actually be defining two Press buttons? ie. UpperButtonOn1 and UpperButtonOff1 and binding TrackMute to both of them?
- Am I just confusing myself because the underlying hardware behaves this way, so regardless of how I define it in my MST, that's what I get?

BCF2000 in bc mode (not MCU), Win10, Reaper 5.971
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