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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Ah, I see. Thought it was showing the new layout

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but where are the Zone names?
The name is the second parameter after Zone itself:

Zone Buttons
        ButtonNavigator SomeNavigatorUsefulForButtons
        ChannelLeft TrackBank -1
	ChannelRight TrackBank 1
	BankLeft TrackBank -8
	BankRight TrackBank 8
	Rewind Rewind
	FastForward FastForward
	Stop Stop
	Play Play
	Record Record
	MasterFader MasterTrackVolume
describes a Zone named "Buttons".

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
In the example, where the files are duplicated (OtherFX.zon, say, in both MCU and Console1 folders), is this just a way of showing that the OtherFX.zon is being used by both MCU and Console1?

The two OtherFX.zon files are the same thing, right?
Well, there is nothing that says they have to be , but it's probably a bad idea to have the same filenames contain different contents

Assuming they are the same, yes, the intention is that you can re-use zone files -- there will be no conflicts if they are used with different surfaces as long as the Zone names are unique within that particular surface.

Worth noting -- .zon files can contain more than one Zone definition.

Each surface keeps a dictionary of Zones -- no duplicates allowed in a dictionary.
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