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Just copy the file "super8" to some other name (say "super9"), and with a text editor modify the line

desc:Super8 MIDI-controlled synchronized looper (Cockos)

to show the name you desire to load the pligin with e.g.

desc:Super9 MIDI-controlled synchronized looper

Then load the plugin and with the [Edit] button you can start modifying the code.

If you need help regarding JSFX programming, see you in the script subforum !

But the name "Super8 MIDI-controlled synchronized looper" and the description:
// - note1=if not recording, start record.
// If already recording (and initial length-setting pass), sets length and continues (overdub)
// If already recording (and length is set), goes back to playback
// - note2=toggle playback (stop/rec->play, play->stop)
// - note3=toggle selected-for-monitoring
// - note4=reverse loop
suggests that it already can be controlled via Midi

If you want to control it via the sustain pedal instead of a note, I think there are plugins that convert such messages.


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