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The CPU of Mothercomp is definitely reduced. Now it's using a much lower amount, which is about 2x what the next-highest-CPU compressor that I have (which isn't bad at all considering I only have low-CPU compressors besides this one). It's also in line for CPU use with a tape emulation plugin that I use. I think this is fair, since I can still use this compressor on a lot of tracks, and it's definitely a "character" compressor. Any time I've used a "character" compressor, it's taken more CPU. In that realm, this is one of the more reasonable compressors for CPU that I've used.

And I like it a lot! I'm not quite using it as a "one-knob" compressor since I'm too used to adjusting plugin settings to explore what they do. But it does work nicely if someone wants to use it that simply, plus has lots of flexibility. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a simple-to-use "character hardware-sounding" compressor (which also has advanced settings "out of your way") basically I would recommend it to everyone.

It currently has a bug. If you save a preset, then recall it later, it seems as though it won't change the plugin's settings. It actually does, but won't show them until you double-click on the plugin's "wood" background. So it's just not redrawing the plugin's fader/knob positions when recalling a preset.
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