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The CPU has dropped, when displaying the plugin.

Still...I just realized that when hidden the plugin still uses more CPU than all the other compressors I have, about 4 to 5 times as much as some of them. It won't make a difference on someone's system if it's relatively powerful, but on my system I'd have to be careful to only use the compressor on a few tracks (if I'm using lots of plugins besides that).

To be clear though: I typically use plugins that use low CPU. Consider ReaComp by comparison; most of the compressors I use (VST, JS) use about the same CPU as that or maybe 2x as much.

If you're aware of this, that's fine. And I expect a lot of people with newer/more powerful systems than mine won't even notice. (I use a Core i3 6300 processor.) If I had to guess based on my memory of the last time I tried Klanghelm MJUC, this compressor probably uses about as much CPU, and not a lot of people complain about its CPU usage. I'm just mentioning this in case you're not aware.

Thanks for making this plugin! Now I actually have to test it while listening to it.
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