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Originally Posted by mrelwood View Post
@Edgemeal, are you checking the total CPU consumption from the Reaper Performance Meter, or the Windows Task Manager?

Could you do a test:
1. Make all plugin instances visible, and make note of the CPU usage.
2. Disable (bypass) all instances of the plugin. Note the CPU load when the plugin code is not executed.
3. Now hide the plugins.
Reaper Performance Meter > Total CPU
1. 12% (3 instances).
2. Still 12%.
3. 0.0% ~ 0.4%

Maybe reaper don't like it on windows? Oddly changing plugin window size effects cpu usage, at max size cpu usage can actually be lower, but then I make changes to compressor settings and usage jumps back up, weird, and then closing project was really slow, something just ain't right. Best of luck!
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