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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
The graphics make it GPU-intensive.
All graphics (except the meters) are generated only when there are changes done to them. In a steady state it just shows a bitmap image. To my knowledge this is the most economic way for any plugin to show any graphics.

@Edgemeal, are you checking the total CPU consumption from the Reaper Performance Meter, or the Windows Task Manager?

Could you do a test:
1. Make all plugin instances visible, and make note of the CPU usage.
2. Disable (bypass) all instances of the plugin. Note the CPU load when the plugin code is not executed. (Edit: The graphics section IS still executed. Working on this issue.)
3. Now hide the plugins.

On my laptop the system load drops drastically only when I hide the plugins, not when I bypass them.

To make the GPU load lighter you can drag the plugin window to a smaller size. The graphics are still generated at the same internal size so the CPU load doesn't change, only the GPU.
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