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Good to hear you got it working, but I'd still like to learn what the issue was in case I should update/correct the manuals.

Just to make sure, you located the REAPER/Effects folder, inserted the unzipped plugins there, and restarted REAPER, but the plugins didn't show?

Sorry, I'm not sure: I unzipped them into the {User}/Reaper/Effects folder - in a MrElwood folder, but didn't see them on the first attempt to insert - I may just have missed them in my plugin bloat; they weren't in the 'New' folder, obv. as they aren't VST. I opened the 'create new JSFX' dialog, decided not to, and there they were. I didn't use the 'Search for new plugins' dialog, it was just a new instance of Reaper after the install, so maybe it was just a refresh issue.

Still using them, definite keepers - you've integrated the sound functions and the GUI brilliantly.
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