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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
Correct, pan and width indicated on the leds only currently.
Ok, that's as far as that's been developed so far.

Originally Posted by Freex View Post
Will the "Fader 1" naming convention work in the current version?
If you mean the pre alpha you have , no.

Originally Posted by Freex View Post
ALSO I can't seem to get the Master track(reaper) on the master track(MCU), it keeps coming up as one of the 8 faders depending on how many times I press bank. Any ideas?
Once again trapped by hardwiring, the Avid Artist Mixes have only 8 faders, so there is no mapping for the 9th fader, the Master fader on a regular MCU.

Obviously this will not be the case when we have real maps.

I certainly wouldn't waste much effort trying to get the build that you have operational, experimentation is fine though, just want to set expectations properly, that is ancient code
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