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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
No problem Geoff, I'll see how I get on later today.
Thanks for the update.

Any idea what the display settings would/should look like?
Or how I would figure that end of things out?
A display needs a slot if it is channel-like -- see example below

Another penny dropped...

Here's a superior widget naming convention that could facilitate wider map sharing, and generally make the map less verbose:

Fader 1
Fader 2
Fader 3
Fader 4

Mute 1
Mute 2
Mute 3
Mute 4

// Action associations become much more compact
Fader TrackVolume
Mute TrackMute

// Actions can still have specific assignments, so we don't lose flexibility
Fader 9 TrackMasterVolume

Rotary 1
Rotary 2
Switch 14 // 6th switch on second row - equivalent of B6 in the old naming convention
Display 7

Now FX maps
FXMap -- file is named
// Associate the widgets with FX params
Fader 1 Threshold
Fader 2 Gain
Fader 6 Meter
Mute 6 Bypass

FXMap -- file is named
// Associate the widgets with FX params
Fader 3 LoFreq
Fader 4 MidFreq
Fader 5 HiFreq
Mute 6 Bypass

Subject to change, mostly towards simplicity were possible
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Installation / documentation / source

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