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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
It really does look very straightforward, pity it couldn't be universal, but if it works the way you've explained it, it will be awesome.

Well it's not that bad, it's really quite close to universal, if you think about it.

If someone made an FX map for a Behringer X-Touch, it is reasonable that it could be shared with MCU users, as long as both users conformed to the widget naming conventions.
The physical surfaces are very similar as far as widgets and layout are concerned.

However, it is highly unlikely an MCU user could share an FX map that was made for a Console 1.
But that's OK and makes perfect sense, an MCU surface and a Console 1 surface are not anywhere near alike, so the mappings are likely incompatible from an ergo/workflow standpoint anyway.

So, maps that see the world the same way (MCU, X-Touch, Faderport 8, etc.) ARE sharable (universal) and that's what really counts.
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