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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Take a look at the following maps:

FXMap -- file is named
// Associate the widgets with FX params
Fader1 Threshold
Fader2 Gain
Fader6 Meter
Mute6 Bypass

FXMap -- file is named
// Associate the widgets with FX params
Fader3 LoFreq
Fader4 MidFreq
Fader5 HiFreq
Mute6 Bypass

Surface map named "MCU1"

// Name the widgets, state their type, and indicate which midi message they send
Fader1 Fader14Bit e0 7f 7f
Fader2 Fader14Bit e1 7f 7f
Fader3 Fader14Bit e2 7f 7f
Fader4 Fader14Bit e3 7f 7f
Fader5 Fader14Bit e4 7f 7f
Fader6 Fader14Bit e5 7f 7f
Fader7 Fader14Bit e6 7f 7f
Fader8 Fader14Bit e7 7f 7f

Fader1Touch PushButton 90 68 7f
Fader2Touch PushButton 90 69 7f
Fader3Touch PushButton 90 6a 7f
Fader4Touch PushButton 90 6b 7f
Fader5Touch PushButton 90 6c 7f
Fader6Touch PushButton 90 6d 7f
Fader7Touch PushButton 90 6e 7f
Fader8Touch PushButton 90 6f 7f

Mute1 PushButton 90 10 7f
Mute2 PushButton 90 11 7f
Mute3 PushButton 90 12 7f
Mute4 PushButton 90 13 7f
Mute5 PushButton 90 14 7f
Mute6 PushButton 90 15 7f
Mute7 PushButton 90 16 7f
Mute8 PushButton 90 17 7f

// Associate the widgets with actions
Fader1 TrackVolume
Fader2 TrackVolume
Fader3 TrackVolume
Fader4 TrackVolume
Fader5 TrackVolume
Fader6 TrackVolume
Fader7 TrackVolume
Fader8 TrackVolume

Fader1Touch TrackTouch
Fader2Touch TrackTouch
Fader3Touch TrackTouch
Fader4Touch TrackTouch
Fader5Touch TrackTouch
Fader6Touch TrackTouch
Fader7Touch TrackTouch
Fader8Touch TrackTouch

Mute1 TrackMute
Mute2 TrackMute
Mute3 TrackMute
Mute4 TrackMute
Mute5 TrackMute
Mute6 TrackMute
Mute7 TrackMute
Mute8 TrackMute

// filename list

See where the type is mentioned ?

That's right, ONLY the widget (Fader14bit, PushButton).

There is no need to differentiate between switches, vpots, faders etc,. EXCEPT right at the widget definition.

Putting a term in the middle doesn't do much except make things more confusing, at least to me.

The final maps really will look this simple, there is no need for any more than that to fully describe the system.
It really does look very straightforward, pity it couldn't be universal, but if it works the way you've explained it, it will be awesome.

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