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All of this was already invented and working nearly fine in OSC format in Reaper.

FX_NAME s/fx/name s/fx/@/name s/track/@/fx/@/name
FX_NUMBER s/fx/number/str s/fx/@/number/str s/track/@/fx/@/number/str
FX_BYPASS b/fx/bypass b/fx/@/bypass b/track/@/fx/@/bypass 
FX_OPEN_UI b/fx/openui b/fx/@/openui b/track/@/fx/@/openui

FX_PRESET s/fx/preset s/fx/@/preset s/track/@/fx/@/preset
FX_PREV_PRESET t/fx/preset- t/fx/@/preset- t/track/@/fx/@/preset-
FX_NEXT_PRESET t/fx/preset+ t/fx/@/preset+ t/track/@/fx/@/preset+

FX_PARAM_NAME s/fxparam/@/name s/fx/@/fxparam/@/name
FX_WETDRY n/fx/wetdry n/fx/@/wetdry n/track/@/fx/@/wetdry
FX_WETDRY s/fx/wetdry/str s/fx/@/wetdry/str s/track/@/fx/@/wetdry/str
FX_PARAM_VALUE n/fxparam/@/value n/fx/@/fxparam/@/value n/track/@/fx/@/fxparam/@/value
FX_PARAM_VALUE s/fxparam/@/value/str s/fx/@/fxparam/@/value/str
Caps (left part) is, let's say, plugin parameters in the integrator. Lower case at the right are "widgets". "Widgets" can be assigned to parameters in different ways. There can be rotary, toggle, on/off, floating value, normalized value, integer, string types and widget can be written in a free form, following the provided template.
The only thing that is missing is the connection between those "widgets" and midi controls.
For now, I'm writing an oscii-bot script, that would tie together my midi controller and those "widgets" from .ReaperOSC file. Everything is going well, so far, except one thing: there's no way to remap widget's order for fx parameters, based on the plugin name.
Not exactly true, though. There is a way, but it would be the same as Geoff is planning to develop for the intergrator - match current plugin name and rearrange controls, based on some section inside the script. And that's a bummer. For now, my script is already over 1500 lines.
Imagine adding at least 16 lines of assignments for every installed plugin. That would be immediately >16000+ lines on my system. And all those lines should be written manually inside the main script.
I don't know, how much time it would take, and how long would oscii-bot load with such big script.
So, this is not an option. That's why I was hoping that integrator could fulfil my needs.

For now, I'm going to experiment with oscii-bot's file access functions. Maybe, it wouldn't be too hard to develop such thing, using oscii-bot an EEL2 (meh!).
It would still require writing maps manually, but I can do this for my most used plugins, I hope.

As for the integrator, I simply give up. Good luck with your project, Geoff, and Happy New Year! 🎄��🎄
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