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I'm starting to understand the direction you guys a re coming at this, universal map vs surface specific map.

What if you had a term in the middle that was universal, that maps could be written in.
Fader1 = C1 = MCUfader1,

Maybe if on every device strating top left,
Pots were P,
Button/switches S
Faders F

So on a MCU and XT you'd have
Vpot(pan) P1-8
RecArm button S1-8
Solo button S9-16
Mute button S17-24
Select button S25-32
Faders F1-8

On C4
Vpot P1-32
Vpot(push) S1-32 (as the vpots are also buttons/swtiches.

Button S1-8
Faders F1-8
Vpot P1-8
Button S9-16

So a switch would always be a switch, a fader always a fader etc.

But for any fx you would get a working map, right out the box.
It might not be to your liking but it would be instantly usable.

Just trying to think outside the box.
It is most like completely impractical, just throwing to see if anything
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