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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Why do we need filename list at all?! Why not just scan subfolders for the match? Having filename doubles the work. If it's really needed, it should be generated by integrator itself, based on the folder scan results, like Reaper does with vsts.
It can even automatically create generic plugmaps for each plugin in Reaper, which can later be easily modified by user. It would just scan reaper-vstplugins64.ini, reaper-vstrenames64.ini and reaper-vstshells64.ini files for the info about plugins.
This approach makes the presumption that all surfaces should map all plugins, and that all plugin parameters should be included in any given map.

This is definitely not the case, this project is all about customization, a user might not even want to map all plugins to all surfaces or even all parameters of a given plugin, etc.

Once again you seem to be leaning toward a generic/autoload approach, the polar opposite of what this project is trying to accomplish.
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