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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Depends on your definition of universal.

Let's say someone has made a map for the MCU, it is likely sharable with a Behringer X-Touch user or an Icon Qcon user, but likely not a novation SL user, that's what I mean when i say not universal.
I feel like we are talking about different types of maps. Let me see if I understand your approach correctly.

I see this plugin's logic divided in two parts:

1. Main script, describing surface logic. MCU, SL, others. MIDI, OSC, SYSEX, feedback parts are going here. These script aren't universal.
One should map physical controls to the widgets and configure their type in the main script.
The main script should be placed in the folder "Integrator".

2. Plugmaps. These are universal and independent from the surface. They only describe connections between widgets and fx/inst parameters. So, Widgets would store FX parameters data from Reaper (names, values and othert types) in them and would translate midi/osc data to control fx parameters in Reaper and provide feedback to the surfaces.
One can create plugmaps: define the parameters order, their type, like is it a button/fader/selector/list for the specific plugins and share them.

Plugmaps should be placed into "Plugmaps" folder, either freely (root path) or in hierarchy, like /Plugmaps/Vendor/PluginName.txt or /Plugmaps/!Type/PluginName.txt
For example, both /Plugmaps/Arturia/Analog Lab 3.txt and /Plugmap/!EQ/Fabfilter Pro-L2.txt are valid paths. In case of duplicate maps, /!Type/PlugName.txt path has higher priority upon /Vendor/PlugName.txt and plugmap in the root /Plugmaps/ folder has higher priority than both /Vendor/ and /!Type/ subfolder maps. If plugmaps have the same name/id, the newer one would be used by integrator.

The plugin itself should load the needed plugmap, based on the filename or on the first line inside the map, that would have the plugin's name/id. I'd prefer filename, though, since it's easier to rename, in case of renaming the plugin itself inside the Reaper.

Are we sharing the same vision here or not?
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