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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
That is correct, a central feature of this project is to provide the ability to map specific controls on specific devices to specific Reaper functions, plugin maps are definitely not universal for any device, nor are they intended to be.

Plugin maps are universal for device/map combos long as naming conventions are followed.
They're definitely should be universal. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.
And it's possible, just like I've described before.
*.ReaperOSC files are a good example of this approach.
I think that you might want to check oscii-bot for it's mechanics and structure.
It allows multiple midi and osc devices to be configured in the "main" script, so they would work simultaneously. It's also possible to run several "main" scripts for different devices at once with a single instance of the oscii-bot.
And they all would communicate with Reaper via the same .ReaperOSC file.
Of cause, it's possible to create several OSC control surfaces in Reaper, for each oscii-bot script, but I don't think that it would make much sense, tbt.

There should be an initial base template with comments, so that users would edit it and save under the name of the plugin.

Why do you want to create plugmaps for specific consoles, instead of making them universal? What would be the benefit of this approach?
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