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Aha, think it's becoming clear...

If we adhere to the naming convention we can indeed eliminate the surface name from the map file.

Here's an example of the problem I was trying to deal with when maps span surfaces:

MCU1Mute4 Bypass
MCU2Mute4 CompLim

That can be solved by breaking it into 3 maps
Mute4 Bypass -- call it
Mute4 CompLim --
Mute4 HPF --

then we can add to the MCU1 map, the to the MCU2 map, etc.

We can supply folks with "starter" maps -- e.g. a map for all the widgets of an MCU.

These can be paired with maps that speak the same "dialect", that is maps that use the same set of names (widget and FX), voila, nice and simple.

Now you just have to add lists of FX filenames to your surface maps.

We still retain full flexibility, widget naming convention makes it work.

Anyone see anything wrong here ?
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