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If that "Mute" name should be mandatory for any device, I'm against it.
Not every device has dedicated Mute buttons.
For example, Novation SL doesn't have any labels at all for the most of it's buttons. Instead, buttons are called by corresponding row's letter and button's number (in the programmer's manual, at least). Like A1-A8, B1-B8, C1-C8, D1-D8.
This is how I called all the controls that are available with SL. They were called with full names, initially, but during one of the refactoring phases, I've decided to shorten the names.

My namings for controls, control states and led feedback:
Bear in mind that I didn't implement LED ring modes in my oscii-bot script, yet, so there would bу some extra lines for those variables, too.

So, I find naming controls by functions counter intuitive, since in many scenarios, those buttons might not be used as "mute".
Also, don't forget about the feedback. Not every device gets button feedback with the same CC that is sent when the button itself was pressed.

I also think that it might be easier to use index numbers in plugmaps, instead of names, for the surfaces. And the surfaces themself would be mapped to the numbers in the main script.
This way, plugmaps could be universal.
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