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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
So what is the correct terminology and format used for the >Mix1, >Mix2, >Control.
(I had Geoff's MCU+C4 installed so just copied the midi(dev#,#) seems to work for the MCU transport but I've nothing in the >Control so I wasn't really expecting much there.

Do these directly refer to (for expamle) MCU, XT, C4?

I'm getting transport function (both ways) straight off, but can't seem to get the faders etc on the MCU, and the c4 is just sitting looking at me lol.
Yeah, the C4 won't work until we have a map for it.

The names are up to you, but this a pre-alpha, pre-external map version that has everything hardwired internally, so it needs those surfaces defined. You can use either Mix and put you dev #'s there, you should get faders.
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