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Hi Geoff & Co,
Just scan read thru the thread so far, and reading about the fx mapping, and single file vs file per fx.
I'd would be in the file per fx camp.

Reason being, having played around with Geoff's MCUC4 csurf.
I've rearranged everything in the c4fx.ini file while adding to it.
It wasn't in aphabetical order and I found it quiet cluttered.
The way I reordered things was to Arrange by vendor, then fx, and separate between each vendor

-------------- AVendor Afx name ------------
-------------- AVendor Bfx name ------------
-------------- BVendor Afx name ---------------

So I know it may come off as ocd, but I feel it speeds things up mapping wise.

I can only imagin the mess some people would leave the file, (judging by friends record collections lol.)

So for me single files or atleast single vendor files would be the way to go.

Imagine getting a new set of plugins, going into a stash and finding the complete maps, download and paste, job done, yeah sure maybe they're not labeled to your liking, but at least the hard work's done.

Maybe I'm too late to the party and that ship has already sailed.

Looking forward to having a play with pre-alpha later.

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