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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
It'll take about that long to download with my slow DSL.

(maybe next time render 24-bit flac?)
Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
LOL, not a bad idea. I tend to forget that everyone doesn't have a 300 Mbps connection. I could probably convert them for you if you want but might be tomorrow before I can get to it.
Distributing the stems as FLAC is a great idea, but it needs to occur prior to starting the contest. If Karbo rendered FLAC files for you then your project wouldn't open properly for everyone else.

This is the same reason I thought we should ask people to try not to glue or otherwise generate their own files. Keeping it non-destructive also maintains the highest project file compatibility and requires the least number of files to be uploaded to DaveKeehl and subsequently downloaded by all after the contest is complete.

On the same note/idea. If anyone needs to glue/freeze items or tracks then they should consider using FLAC or other lossless compression format for their generated files to reduce the upload/download file size.
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