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Originally Posted by insub View Post
Maybe we should request that people do not make any new files by gluing, etc. I don't see how that's absolutely necessary to get the job done and it increases the amount of necessary files to upload/download by a lot.
Originally Posted by DaveKeehl View Post
I know but we can't even forbid it, everyone has different workflows. What I can do is to encourage not to glue files.
That's a good point, I think any operation that would make it impossible to check out projects should be highly advised against. Actually, I think each participant should consider others, out of respect if nothing else. Heh heh, but then I'm an old fart.

Listen to the studio version here
Anybody else having a problem hearing the studio version. YouTube is wide open and I have to turn my monitors up in such a way that I don't really want to do that.
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