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I'd bet joystick or something even better are to replace the old steering wheel sooner or later .

I don't remember Cubase very well, but Sonar has the most cluttered, space eating track header I've ever seen. Reaper's track controls are of course subject to improvement (faders, buttons, colors etc.), but right now I feel I get more information into less space than in Sonar. At least it doesn't look that wild. What I am missing is track I/O, but that's not MIDI only.

Again, I am not saying Reaper wouldn't benefit from MIDI love, but you being tired or not of it, they are definitely going the right way with the unified track paradigm. I don't see it slowing me down, it frees me up.

Amazed, what have envelopes to do with it? That's a completely different subject (a valid one, granted).
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