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Originally Posted by osranakurwa View Post
One track type for every type of data .... what does that remind me of ... oh yeah, now i remember.......

Wow, that's your third post ever to this forum?

Welcome to the forum... you obviously know absolutely nothing about the people in the Reaper community. Good luck getting helpful responses here, and enjoy your Sonar I know for myself this will be the last and only time I ever respond to anything you post. Personally, I can't imagine a more offensive post.

Back on topic, I'd love to see some smoother MIDI support, and I'm confident that it will come as the community is able to clearly define the best ways of accomplishing new things through healthy discussions. But Reaper is such a fantastic program that it's very hard to criticize much at all. I usually find out that whatever I don't like is because I wasn't used to Reaper's way of doing something yet, in which case I end up liking the Reaper way better, or I find out there's a setting someplace to make it look/act how I want, or in the extreme case I find the developers to be very responsive to requests from the community of users. Of course, not everyone fits into that community so well, but there are other options for them...

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