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Here's the sonar midi track view. note all the things i want to know about a track are right there, NOT HIDDEN IN SOME MENU. I know what my I/O, volume, channel, bank, preset instrument name, pitch shift, time, reverb & chorus settings, etc. are at a glance.

It peeves me to no end not to see that info in reaper. WTF, am I just supposed to remember these settings for each of the typical ~20 track in every project? ...each time I load it? Am I supposed to mind-numbingly click on 10 different menus for each track to see this info? The purpose of computers is to eliminate repetitive work, not create it, and reaper creates the tedium of needless clicking by not showing this info. In fact, not only is reapers approach here amateurish, it's hostile. I can not work like this. PERIOD. After I create the basic midi in reaper (thanks to its brilliant variable length mouse click/drag input), I then have to export the midi, and import it into sonar and work with it there because all the rest of the things i want to do with the midi is uber painful in reaper.

If sonar incorporates the var len midi input, then I'm done with reaper and I'll never use it again because I hate programs that hide info from me & make me struggle to see it. On the other hand, if reaper incorporates these basic standard universal paradigms then I'm done with sonar and I'll never use that again. Right now I'm stuck between 2 sequencers and reaper is losing, badly. Sonar's workflow is far far far friendlier because it doesn't treat me like it knows better than I do about what I want to see & how I want to see it. I've used reaper since the start and it started all full of promise, but now years later promise is a joke, let's get some results. And hammering a midi track into an audio track is aggravatingly stupid.
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