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Originally Posted by osranakurwa View Post
reaper is archaic in midi.

1-treating midi as seperate entities that must be imported/exported instead of integrated like other sequencers is a bad idea. integrate midi seamlessly like in sonar & cubase.

2-midi needs it's own track type instead of hammering it into the audio track type. it's pounding a square peg into a round hole. this must include selection boxes for choosing midi channel, bank, preset, etc for each track.

3-event list, the traditional kind. must have.

The one thing i love about midi in reaper is entering variable length notes with the mouse. Going back to sonar, for example, where each mouse click enters only a preset value (quarter note, for example) is so tedious that i can't stand it.

there's been so much work in all the other areas of reaper, i think it's about time midi got a major face lift, because midi has fallen way behind reaper's audio capabilities.
Sure you're not missing something?
1) MIDI doesn't need to be im- nor exported with Reaper (as long as you don't need ghost-copies, but that's another story)

2) I whole heartedly disagree there. I won't ever want to go back to special MIDI track types. You can have all the selection boxes you asked for right on the tracks using plugs like ReaControlMIDI.

3) There is an event list, just a bit clumsy yet. It's one of the areas that need love, but it exists. One of it's downsides is that it can't be viewed together with the Piano Roll view but is an alternative view to it (view menu of the Piano Roll window).

Of course I voted yes for even more MIDI love, but you can't say they are not doing stuff about it. The last major improvement has been CC editing in the Piano Roll and has been fairly recently.

One thing I don't like about Reaper's MIDI is that it's too item-centric. I'd like to see a more track based editing without having to glue items into one big one (while not losing item based editing, of course). This includes a better seeking-back of events on playback start and loop.
Also I'd like to see much more actions and an easier approach for 3rd party extensions for MIDI editor actions (that seems to be really difficult as of now, so that even the SWS extension guys don't do them).
Plus a much better representation of MIDI routing (visible indication of sends streaming MIDI) in the mixer and the routing matrix.

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