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Originally Posted by osranakurwa View Post
reaper is archaic in midi.

1-treating midi as seperate entities that must be imported/exported instead of integrated like other sequencers is a bad idea. integrate midi seamlessly like in sonar & cubase.

2-midi needs it's own track type instead of hammering it into the audio track type. it's pounding a square peg into a round hole. this must include selection boxes for choosing midi channel, bank, preset, etc for each track.

3-event list, the traditional kind. must have.

The one thing i love about midi in reaper is entering variable length notes with the mouse. Going back to sonar, for example, where each mouse click enters only a preset value (quarter note, for example) is so tedious that i can't stand it.

there's been so much work in all the other areas of reaper, i think it's about time midi got a major face lift, because midi has fallen way behind reaper's audio capabilities.
Hi Osranakurwa and welcome to Reaperland!

You can drag and drop MIDI files like any other file into Reaper or load them, using the media browser. If you have checked "MIDI items (in project, recommended)" in "Options -> Preferences -> Media -> MIDI" MIDI data are included in the project.

I'm not fond of the idea to have dedicated MIDI tracks, because this would result in being bothered all the time with dialogs like "You can't put this here" and "You can't put that there." like e.g. in Cubase. It's just a way of working and keep everything arranged.

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