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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
Let's say I have a custom action named Toggle grid and metronome:
Options: Toggle grid lines
Options: Toggle metronome

If both options have been toggled on, tooltip for this custom action reads "Custom: Toggle grid and metronome (on)". Likewise, if both options are off, tooltip reads "Custom: Toggle grid and metronome (off)". Same is shown in the Actions list state column. The toolbar icon also shows the custom action being on or off.

However, I can also toggle either one of these options separately to opposing state. If I do that, tooltip won't read anymore on/off and action list won't show state either. And the toolbar icon will switch to off state.
Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
This unfortunately breaks my custom actions to change between MIDI editor modes and changing the toolbar required, so now those buttons don't show in which MIDI editor mode you're at all.

This is no good, sorry. There HAS to be a way to be able to make this work. How about: if we have a SINGLE toggle action in a custom action, the toolbar button should show the toggle state if that custom action is assigned onto a toolbar?
Okay, thanks for the great explanation xpander. Based on what ED says it appears
we need a means of assigning whether it's an "on/off" action?
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