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Default Progress!!!

Made a lot of progress on #1.

I found a jsfx plugin that outputs not only the detected note as MIDI but also the difference as MIDI Pitch (Pitch Follower by aparker127, THANK YOU SIR!).

Added same .wav file to a second track (simple sinusoidal sweep from 400 to 500 Hz for now) with an instance of ReaPitch, and modulated the "Shift (cents)" parameter from the MIDI Pitch.


Now I have more explorations to do:
1- Record that MIDI Pitch Data to a track so I can modify it on bad detection
2- Since I never worked with MIDI in Reaper, see how hard/easy it is to move/copy that data around with the original audio source
3- Add a "chromatic" mode to aparker127's plugin.
4- Maybe filter inside a modified version of "Pitch-Follow" if data doesn't work well on real voice (Delay problem? Too much correction?). I of course need to try it first on many real sources.
5- Make it more "user friendly"

Any recommendation about how to integrate that?
1- Just a separate track with the pitch correction data, and group it with the audio
2- Can I add a MIDI item to the same track (a bit like an additional take?) so they "stick" together? Can audio and midi live happily together in the same track?
3- Can I transfer that data to an automation envelope instead?
4- Do I have to first do a real-time pass to record the MIDI data or can I speed the process?

I'm having fun!

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