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Default v6.03+dev0118 - January 18 2020

v6.03+dev0118 - January 18 2020
  • + Custom actions: show custom action toggle state as enabled/disabled only if every component action is enabled/disabled [p=2232483]
  • + MIDI editor: add option when loading bank/program name file to set new default
  • + MIDI editor: display non-standard CC values in event list view [p=2231622]
  • + MIDI editor: prevent multiple events at the same time position when creating saw LFO [p=2231606]
  • + Media items: when enabled, trim behind duplicated media items immediately after duplicating [t=229591]
  • + Projects: store arrange view Y scroll position in project
  • + ReaNINJAM: improve status display/visual click
  • + VST3: fix support for VST3 plugins that output MIDI via LegacyMIDICCOutEvent
  • + VST: notify VST3 plug-ins of display DPI
  • + macOS: show open-project options on recent macOS versions by default
  • # MIDI filter: fix checkbox display on Windows
  • # Theme: default_6.0 150/200% gen_vol/pan thumbs
  • # listviews: improve performance when selecting all/none in listviews on macOS and Linux
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