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Default Reaper AAC support request

Today opus codec have best q for archiving music but AAC its main codec for video coding? for YouTube, films etc. Best q AAC for now its Apple I*tunes codec.
For decoding now need to use cmd console or Foobar but was really good if Reaper become support it.

Latest standalone pack x64 that i found:

Foobar coding settings
1)For stream video ( for any stream --adts opt must be on):
qaac64.exe -q 2 -c 192 --ignorelength --adts --no-delay - -o %d
(possible with limiter:
-q 2 -c 192 --ignorelength --adts --no-delay --limiter - -o %d

2)AAC, True VBR, ~200 kb/s
qaac64.exe -s -V 90 --ignorelength - -o %d

3)HE-AAC, Constrained VBR, ~64 kbps
-s -v 64 --he --ignorelength - -o %d

4)Apple Lossless (ALAC):
-s -A --ignorelength - -o %d
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