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Thanks for your input.

Yes, I read about that during my additional research about reatune. I’m not familiar with the difference between track effect vs item effect, so I may try that. I know it will bother me as the access isn’t the same, but I’m flexible (considering my weight).
I’m not a fan of destructive editing (I suffered too many years of analog then destructive editing), but a reasonable workflow might be to render a strong autotune as well as a weak autotune, put them as “takes” on the same track and comp from there, with an additional Reapitch with it’s automation lane assigned to “cents” for when comping isn’t sufficient. Lots of work and wasted disk space though, especially with live stuff that doesn’t react well to automatic autotuning, combined with bad back vocal singers.

Also, move/copy manual corrections is asked by many, so I think it would be nice to do it. I like the idea of the option 1 even better.

Is it Master Justin that wrote ReaTune?
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