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Originally Posted by funkster1 View Post

Thanks a lot for this nice theme.
Didn't have a lot of time yet to play/record since installing your theme,
However, what are these "VCA+, Bus+, Inst+, Aux+." buttons supposed to do?
They do nothing here. Right clicking in the TCP area the same. Choosing to add those extra tracks from the context menu doesn't do anything.

Thanks for enlightening me

P.S.: SWS extensions are up to date
I've just manually assigned actions to them to add an Instrument Track, create a VCA for selected tracks (one of Sexan's scripts), create a folder track for the selected channels (a custom action), and I replaced +Aux with a +Audio button that just adds a basic, non-instrument track. If that last one seems unnecessary, you could always create a xAud button to insert multiple tracks at once.

BlankFiles, would love to know what font you used for those buttons so my custom +Aud button uses the same one. Unless you want to add a +Aud button yourself.
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