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Default The Birth Of Brian of Nazareth

Gifts for Brian, who was born today, 2019 years earlier.
"Hail Brian of Nazareth"

Build: 40935 - 24th of December 2019

Readded from earlier pre-release Builds:
  • Developer: SetReaScriptConsole_FontStyle - sets the style of the font in the ReaConsole
  • LiceCap: SetLiceCapExe - sets the LiceCap-executable, which shall be used by Reaper
  • LiceCap: SetupLiceCap - sets up the LiceCap-executable settings of the currently chosen LiceCap-executable in Reaper
  • ProjectManagement: SaveProjectAs - saves the current project under a new filename
  • RenderManagement: GetProject_RenderOutputPath - gets the render-output-path
  • RenderManagement: ResolveRenderPattern - resolves the render-pattern into its actual filename
  • Subtitles: ReadSubtitles_VTT - imports a webvtt-subtitlefile

  • Reaper Internals: - demos, how Set/GetLayout-functions work; includes a demo theme and a script, that influences it, including comments
  • Reaper Internals: RenderPreset-Configfile.txt - documentation of the Render-Presets of Reaper
  • Reaper Internals: Reaper-ProjectDefault-ConfigSettings.txt - documents all reaper.ini-entries, responsible for default project settings
  • Reaper Internals: Reaper-StuffMidiMessage-Codes(engl_shortlist).txt - holds all messages and their meaning for StuffMIDIMessage
  • Reaper Internals: StuffMidiMessage-docs.txt - describes the usage of the StuffMIDIMessage-function

  • API: deprecated - allows showing a warning message, if a script uses a deprecated function in a script; will be shown only once until Reaper restarts, so scripts are stil useable
  • Defer Management: GetDeferIdentifier - removed
  • Defer Management: GetDeferRunState - removed Defer01-Defer20 management
  • Defer Management: Defer1 through Defer20 - removed
  • Docs: render-codes-decoded-base64-strings.txt - removed last 00-byte in every string(except DDP), as it was faulty
  • Docs: DeferScripts_004_Working_with_Defer_Identifiers - removed
  • Docs: Defer - reworked docs and removed all references to Defer1 through Defer20
  • Helper functions: Base64_Decoder - removed small bug, which added a nullbyte at end of strings
  • Reaper Internals: render-codes-decoded-base64-strings.txt - added new settings for AIFF
  • Render Management: GetRenderCFG_Settings_AIFF - returns Embed Beat Length-checkbox, as included with Reaper 6
  • Render Management: CreateRenderCFG_AIFF - added Embed Beat Length-checkbox, as included with Reaper 6
  • User Interface: GetReaperWindowPosition_Left - removed
  • User Interface: GetReaperWindowPosition_Right - removed

Get the pre-release-version from:
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Ultraschall-API - 1111 ReaScript functions for Reaper
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper
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