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Originally Posted by ed78 View Post
I feel you. I am going to keep the theme adjuster out of it for now. I am sure in a couple of updates everything will be sorted out.

I see it like this since I am also not very technical. I adjust settings with Theme Adjuster and it works until Reaper is closed and re-opened when it is lost. So it does work under certain circumstances. How about rather saving and recalling the settings in a way that already works? (Programming suggestion)

Maybe these theme adjuster settings should be saved in a new separate doc by the programmers. There should be a way to recall these settings (with programming from Reaper or White Tie's side) every time Reaper is restarted in the same way I would have to change these settings manually every time. Can't there be a script that only recalls these settings instead of incorporating it into the existing file with all the theme settings?

Anyway... I know to little about programming to make suggestions but if the above is possible it will solve most all the theme adjuster problems. This would also prevent users and programmers from having to go back and forth with every update having to figure out what is causing the conflict.

Just for the record. I love the new theme as well as Reaper being my number one. I have jumped over the fence a few times but nothing compares to Reaper.

thanks for your reply, i got it all sorted so far it seems.

i deleted the themeconfig.ini file
started up reaper again
went back to theme 5.0 nitpicky edition in options/themes/theme adjuster
closed reaper
started reaper again, took it back to the default theme v6
changed settings to my likings in the theme adjuster
closed reaper and started again and all was saved

i hope this helps you too.
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