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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
As it is now 100%-only themes *are* scaled by REAPER in DPI-aware mode. Such scaling is blurry, as the source images are 100%, though text is not.
Wow, that’s much better, thanks for the info. So the only missing ingredients left for perfectly universal future-proof HiDPI support in Reaper are:

1. nonblurry scaling by pixel duplication/doubling (“Nearest Neighbour” instead of bilinear/bicubic) at integer ratios such as 2.0 (200%), 3.0 (300%), etc. while still using blurry scaling at fractional ratios such as 1.75 (175%) or 2.5 (250%);

2. OS-zoom-aware scaling for all themes regardless of whether they are 100%-only, and generate scaled versions of graphics based on the highest-resolution assets available in the theme.

Tested the built-in 100%-only themes “Default_4.0”, “Default_5.0”, “Classic_1.x”. They are indeed scaled, mainly with blur. But interestingly, some elements are already scaled with NO blur — namely the icons in the right column in the MIDI-editor window (track muting, track recording, etc.) opened via a double click on a MIDI item. So it probably gets even easier just to apply the same [already available] nonblurry scaling to other graphics in the theme as well, with no even need to implement nonblurry scaling from scratch.

Thanks for your attention.
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