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Default Reaper Linux and M-Audio keyboards with ALSA


there are several topics and threads here and elsewhere on the internet about the behavior of M-Audio Keyboards and Reaper for Linux using ALSA MIDI.

I spent hours of trying with my old Oxgene 8.

First of all MIDI messages only appear after doing a MIDI Reset on the keyboard (not in Reaper, this doesn't change anything).

amidi --receive or aseqdump -p always show fine MIDI Input

But not in Reaper. Monitoring the track with the JS Midi Monitor shows crippled input. Instead of Note On 90th, DFs and DDs are displayed as Status Bytes. One key hit shows 6 bytes instead of three, velocity and key number are in the wrong place.

But using JACK->ALSA->Reaper is fine.

So what might be the reason?

I assume it's M-Audio's way of omitting the status byte if it doesn't change with the next command and Reaper's raw MIDI input is not appreciating this two byte form.

Maybe there's a difference between raw and seq.

Any ideas?
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