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Originally Posted by Joe90 View Post
I think we have this already. In 'Advanced UI/System Tweaks' options in the preferences menu there are more HiDPI scaling options now, as well as a global scaling option for UI elements. I'm using 5.0 default nitpicky in 4k, Win10 is scaling at 150% and Reaper is scaling with it and looks great (for the most part).
That global scaling didn’t work as expected — many elements weren’t properly scaled, otherwise we wouldn’t be awaiting true HiDPI support so eagerly.

Originally Posted by srdmusic View Post
I don't think that's what the other user is asking for. I believe he's asking the DEVs to allow old 5.0 themes to 'uprez' and interpolate pixels for a smoother puree. That's not the same as just doubling the pixels with a scale.
At integer scaling ratios, I’m interested exactly in pixel doubling with no blur. Blur is only inevitable at fractional ratios when bilinear or bicubic interpolation is used (nearest neighbour results in distortion at fractional ratios), and such lossy blurry interpolation should only be used at fractional ratios.

My point is that Reaper should have a universal built-in scaling mechanism that would make it 100% future-proof in terms of not being limited by a specific maximum ratio such as 200% and flexible in terms of specific scaling ratios supported. And now that Reaper apparently has the infrastructure needed for true HiDPI support, such scaling is probably much more possible.

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