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Originally Posted by Alez156 View Post
Yes! This release fixed all the issues I was having with the prior versions of 6!

For some reason, when I had MIDI editor, or Mixer maximized on my OSX 10.14.1 it will cause a loooot of lag. But now it is all good
I actually had mistakenly installed the 32 bit version of the prerelease. Interestingly, this one doesn't stutter when maximizing MIDI editor or mixer.
However, 64bit version has the same issues I have been having ever since the first 6 version release.

I made screen recording of the issue:

I just tested side by side with portable installs of 32bit and 64bit.
32bit version is smooth and works great.
64bit stutters and lags when maximizing MIDI Editor and Mixer.

I am running a Mid 2015 15" MacBook Pro with OSX 10.14.1.

What's going on
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