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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
I actually really like this little feature. In this example, the recorded hit is less than one beat, but using the modifier you can loop it on the beat, and then also change the looped length without stretching.

Unfortunately the feature will be a bit hidden, because the default mouse modifiers for media item edge are aready allocated for all standard key combinations.
I LOVE this feature , I ve made a request also few days ago about it and I couldn’t believe when I saw it
Also if we could have another modifier to change the length of the looped sections as it is now but without changing the whole item length, it would be even more flexible for some circumstances, like when there is another item next to it and we don't want to overlap it so we want to keep the item length untouched and change only the length of the looped sections.

I hope it won’t be hidden for too long Maybe another context for media item edge bottom half would help to split actions in two parts . E.g the upper half for stretching and the bottom half for looping. Thanks!

EDIT: this is what i meant above to change the looped sections length without changing the whole item length, just as we can do it with midi items:

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