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Default Reaper 6 brings complete (?) HiDPI support

Looks like Reaper 6 finally brings complete HiDPI support enabled by default and available in the default theme. The only thing I’m worried about so far is that the maximum supported zoom specified is 200% (the other two are 150% and 100%). So with upcoming 8K monitors, we won’t be able to use e.g. 400%, or even use 300% with existing 5K monitors.

A better implementation would contain a built-in scaling mechanism that would upscale any chosen theme to any current OS-level zoom. For example, a theme that supports 200% at maximum, could then be upscaled to any higher zoom such as 400% (with 22 square pixels), 600% (with 33 pixels), 800% (with 44 pixels) with integer scaling with no blur, or any non-integer-ratio one like 300% (150%=1.5 relative to 200%) or even something unusual like 188% (1.88) by downscaling from 200% using bicubic or bilinear interpolation.
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