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Build: 40895 from November 28th, 2019

Readded from earlier development-builds:
- Developer: SetReaScriptConsole_FontStyle - sets the style of the font in the ReaConsole
- LiceCap: SetLiceCapExe - sets the LiceCap-executable, which shall be used by Reaper
- LiceCap: SetupLiceCap - sets up the LiceCap-executable settings of the currently chosen LiceCap-executable in Reaper
- ProjectManagement: SaveProjectAs - saves the current project under a new filename
- RenderManagement: GetProject_RenderOutputPath - gets the render-output-path
- RenderManagement: ResolveRenderPattern - resolves the render-pattern into its actual filename

- API: loadspeed - sped up loading speed by 86%, as API will now only load functions, actually needed, not all of them; memory need is only 44% of older approach
this is activated for now, if you set ultraschall.US_BetaFunctions="OFF" in ultraschall_api.lua
still in development and has probably issues(please report them to me, if you come across any of them)
- Docs: Reaper Internals - updated to Reaper 5.987
- Scrubbing: Scrubbing_MoveCursor_GetToggleState - gets the current toggle-state for when scrubbing using an action/surface
- Scrubbing: Scrubbing_MoveCursor_Toggle - toggles the state for when scrubbing using an action/surface

- API: Reapack-API-xml-generator.lua - didn't correctly create zip-archive of the API stored in GitHub -> fixed
- ConfigurationManagement: CountValuesByPattern - didn't count at all(for some reason) -> fixed(thanks to reapero)
- Developer: ultraschall_developertool_Display-Altered-Config-Vars.lua - didn't work with rc-pre-releases of Reaper -> fixed
- Marker Management: MoveRegionsBy - still had debug-code in it, which could display messageboxes and overwrite global variables -> fixed (sorry for that)

You can get the latest pre-release from:
Pronounce me with she/her, when referencing me, please. Thanks :)
Ultraschall-API - 1111 ReaScript functions for Reaper
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper
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