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Default Dry signal of "JS: Delay w/Stereo Bounce" is fully panned to the left

Playing around with the "JS: Delay w/Stereo Bounce" on a stereo drum kit I noticed the cymbals sounded completely weird. It turns out the effect completely removes the right channel and instead sends the left channel to the right.

Here's the faulty code at line 71:
spl0=spl0*drymix2 + os1*wetmix2;
spl1=spl0*drymix2 + os2*wetmix2;
This should be changed to:
spl0=spl0*drymix2 + os1*wetmix2;
spl1=spl1*drymix2 + os2*wetmix2;
I'm surprised that nobody noticed :-)
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