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Not Linux'ing atm to try/play stuff but hmm, Vsync is famous for adding scary latency, famous I tell ya and Gsync now got a low latency mode ("improvements is good) but, for FPS games, I ssssstill prefer to cap my FPS with Asus Tweak II or Rivatuner that bundles with MSI Afterburner, Linux really does not have anything like this? *meh/Snap!*

For racing games, I can compromise a tad ofc but since I got a new monitor and upped the Hz, tearing is really even less noticeable in most games, to the point I could say, I don't even need Gsync, but I won't say it.
On 60Hz, some games begs for Gsync for Sure.

But yep, yup.

Psst, sowwy for the off topic, I have a talent for that it seems

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